Fermentation Container

Fermented foods have a strong history in many parts of the world. Originally it was a method for food preservation over extensive time periods, now it is an integrated part of various food cultures. Both...


AQUA is a “bowl”, which could be used to wash hands and to store water for reuse. It is not the same as a normal water sink because it has a special angle to help...

Fish Bottle

The purpose of this project is to reuse fish bowl water. When keeping fish, the water should be changed regularly. The water is usually poured out, which would cause the waste of water. “Dirty” water...


Ever wondered why all toilet brushes are made of plastic? You throw them away and simply buy new ones. Ekoklo fights this norm by creating a toilet brush where every part is recyclable. From its...


Clampa is designed to provide a comforting light in outdoor situations like food trucks, festivals, kiosks or your own garden. It can be locked in place with a special key to ensure safety.


Reflect provides intimate lighting as an alternative to candles with a choice between two distinct reflection effects. Designed with the possibility of hanging or lying on a surface.


Helge is a table light that could light your path to the shore in the darkening summer night. Take a dip, have a sip and be enlightened.


Handi is a portable task light designed for activity based workplaces where people and interior arrangement are in constant flux.


“Praja” is a lamp focused around the creativity of its user. It’s a canvas to enhance spaces by fusing lighting and decorative elements. Designed for restaurants and homes.

Power from Play

Power from Play is designed for kids living where access to electricity is unreliable. Power is generated by rotating the toy, leaving it completely independent of the power grid.


Elmo is designed for a space where furniture is not static. The hook makes the lamp easy to grab and carry, even when your hands are already full. Perfect for offices, cafés and shared housing.

Liú 流

Liú is a flexible light source inspired by the sailing boat environments, designed to adapt to any type of situation due to its versatility.  Use the rope to fix it everywhere around you, set the...