At Lund University School of Industrial Design (LUSID), we are focused on allowing students to shape themselves as designers. We encourage professional collaboration, pushing the boundaries of design and questioning society to effect change. With our position in Scandinavia, our international focus and our expansive facilities, we have the unique ability to allow students a platform to study remote areas in the field of design. From social activism to new material experimentation, we want to encourage our students to develop creativity and personality to become influential within – and beyond – the field of design.

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Research studies and research

In the field of research in the area of industrial design, the Department of Design Sciences currently has one professor of industrial design, one senior lecturer and one guest senior lecturer. An artistic professor of industrial design is being sought. Six students have been accepted into the PhD programme.

The goal of research is to develop scientifically based knowledge, tools, methods and processes that can be of practical use to industrial designers in their work. In addition, research from a life cycle perspective shall provide indepth insights into the holistic development of products, as well as into the relationship between people and products’ functional and aesthetic qualities along with their symbolic value. Consumer products are an important application area for research where people’s experiences, wishes and needs are in focus. A current project in that field is “PLUS products”, products primarily targeting older users but also desirable and functional for other age groups.

Other aspects of research include design and innovation management, where (among other things) the interplay between industrial designers and small and medium sized companies is examined and developed, as well as intellectual property rights in the field of design. Industrial design at LTH is part of the national design research school, CDR, which is financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).


The Workshops

In the School of Industrial Design we have pride in having two well-kept workshops – the Metal Workshop housed in IKDC and the Wood Workshop housed in A-Huset. Both are fully staffed with instructors ready to assist.

Verkstaden på IKDC


The Service Group (Servicegruppen) is responsible for the daily operation at Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum. This includes reception, housekeeping, janitorial services, decorations in the house, etc.

Here you are also able to purchase basic supplies like tape, measuring calipers, paper and much more.

The Photo Studio

Students have access to a fully equipped studio and camera for practicing product photography. The studio has various backdrops, several lights and camera tethering tools.

The design library contains resources related to industrial design studies, including reference literature and course materials. In addition, students have access to the loaning books through the National Library of Sweden database, LIBRIS, and can utilize LUBsearch to find resources in one of the many other Lund University libraries on campus.

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