Our international master programme offers students a platform to mature their individual skills and mind-set to become masters of their future profession.

In depth studies within artistic, sociological and technological contexts and theories furthers students’ creative and intellectual flexibility. Using previously acquired competencies, students plan, visualise and implement strategies and concepts for new products and services. As designers, they will be responsible to conceive and, ultimately, make systems work.

The international master programme offers students the knowledge and tools required for interdisciplinary collaboration, leadership and being team members who manage complex tasks and situations. As future designers, students will become key agents of ethical systemic transformation, contributing to the advancement of long-term sustainable development.

You will participate in and contribute to the creation of knowledge within the field of design. By organising exhibitions, seminars and workshops you will communicate your work and participate in the public debate. The School of Industrial Design offers you a creative environment with excellent workshop facilities. As part of a full faculty university, we can offer great opportunities for a multidisciplinary approach through co-operation with other faculties.

Featured Projects


2019 – Philipp Aussem

We Need to Talk.

2019 – Paul Topf Aguiar de Medeiros


2019 – Lajolo Riccardo


The curriculum is flexible, consisting of individual industrial design projects, elective courses and mandatory academic units, taught by faculties of Lund University. Each semester you have the option to either join a project with a given brief or explore a topic of your own choosing.

Interview with Pola Salicka

Why do you think prospective students should choose the Industrial Design programme?

“The Industrial Design programme here is very open to different ways of pursuing design. At the same time, it gives a solid base for professional activity. It teaches you to make your ideas more concrete, to argue for them and most importantly to analyse how they respond to the surroundings and ongoing changes.”


Students admitted to the Master’s Programme in Industrial Design can apply for scholarships depending on their country of origin.

Scholarship for living expenses

The scholarship was founded in 2001 and is aimed at students with difficulties affording the living costs in Sweden. Each of the two scholarships awarded every year are for SEK 100 000 per year (about EUR 10 000) and aim to cover the cost of living and accommodation for ten months, from August to May, during the two years of study. This scholarship is open to all students admitted to the programme.


Selection of scholarship recipients is based on a personal motivation statement included in the application form below.

Scholarship for tuition fees

When the Swedish government decided to apply tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students, the Stichting IKEA Foundation established two new scholarships for tuition fees. Each scholarship is SEK 210 000 per year for two years.


Selection of scholarship recipients is based on the applicants’ portfolio, and the tuition fees will be paid directly to Lund University. This scholarship is only open to non-EU/EEA citizens admitted to the programme.

Announcement of scholars

Information regarding the scholarship recipients will be published in April 2021, following a formal decision by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. 

Submit the application form no later than 1 February 2021.

Fill in the application form and select which scholarship you are applying for (one or both). If you are applying for the scholarship for living expenses, you must include a personal motivation stating why you should be granted this scholarship.

Your application number is the number generated at University Admissions (Sweden) for your application.