Textile freezer bags for bread

Bread is one of the foods that has the greatest wastage due to overproduction and the fact that it easily molds in tightly sealed plastic bags. But freezing bread in plastic freezer bags gives it a second chance and good storage prevents mold. I have collaborated with one of Malmö’s organic bakeries, Bagaren & Bonden, our goal was to reduce their use of plastic bags for freezing and storage.

Linen fibers are known to be bacteria-inhibiting and have a low climate impact during cultivation. Linen is also an excellent crop suitable for our Scandinavian climate and was long a native crop for textile production before it was outcompeted by imported cotton. The Weaver in Båstad weaves high-quality linen textiles and has produced a thicker quality that is adapted to be able to freeze and store food in.

For the needs of the Bagaren & Bonden, I have made a larger container that can contain 10 loaves of bread for freezing and defrosting and a smaller container for the customers containing a maximum of 2 loaves.

Project info
Astrid Gutzeit Nyström
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