Food holding basket & wooden box

Nowadays many people plant vegetables and fruits, most commonly apples, in their yards. What we don’t realize is that the surplus food harvested should make full use, instead of leaving them rot in the ground since they’re an organic and natural resource, costing less than the well-packaged in the supermarket.

Street markets, or small shops, are good choices for individual retailers. The only problem is that the goods need to be better presented to attract consumers, and it’s better to use a universal package which can be used for picking, transporting and displaying in consideration of less waste, low cost and fitting small amounts of food.

ECO-VENDOR is a combination of inner basket and wooden box. The hanging woven basket can be taken out for picking and allows a layer of apples or other similarly shaped food to be placed without being squeezed against each other. The outer wooden box, which is sized to fit the standard EUR-pallet, is stackable and solid enough for transporting. In addition, the lid can be put underneath so that the box better presents the food inside with a specific angle.

Instead of using imported weaving materials like bamboo, the basket mostly uses willow twigs to build the structure and reeds to weave other soft parts, both of which are locally grown and easy to get. The whole project is carried out under en eco-friendly consideration and attempts to help develop a sustainable lifestyle.

Project info
Noomi Yuhan Huang
Presskit (17.49 MB)