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22 exhibitions


Via Palermo 1

In VIA PALERMO 1, we are again showing new ways of refrigeration, totally new music instruments, fresh toilet innovations, dark lighting, sheet metal thunder, Indonesian coconut research, concepts for Tretorn and other disruptions. During their…



The effects of climate change became even more clear in 2016: global surface temperature records were shattered and the least amount of arctic sea ice was recorded. Humans have become the dominant force that are…



SPEKTRUM is a selection of light concepts, developed in two separate second semester MA courses with distinctive approaches: Living & Behaviour LIGHT project, co-supervised by Guest Professor Stefan Diez / DIEZ OFFICE and Leif Huff / IDEO…


Analogue Ways

The gap between human and nature has never been bigger. Our way of living is based on linear systems of unsustainable global resource flows and non-renewable toxic energy sources. These processes are so embedded in…


Degree Exhibition 2016

We are students at Lund university school of industrial design. This spring we exhibit degree projects from the BA and MA programme. This is the culmination of our educations and we want share this experience…


In Our Office

In Our Office offers a habitat for young creatives pursuing their own dreams and convictions beyond the beaten track of corporate constraints. An exploration by first year MA students from Lund University, School of Industrial…


Carve or Starve

Innovation is not always what you think it is. We welcome you to our project that aims to engage in a debate about hand-made food and tools. The “industrial way” of organizing our food production,…