Forecast Casting Project

Sustainability is a constant concern of our society, especially when it comes to resources and energy. We are used to seeing production/products where the resources or energy used go to waste, also known as linear systems. It is evident that these linear systems are unsustainable for future production, and as designers, we have been working to find solutions for cyclic alternatives.

Collaborating with S-P-O-K, the goal of this project has been to design or redesign an alternative to the linear system, in order to make it cyclic. This means the resources or energy used in the production/product can be reused or repurposed. The designers were inspired by different aspects of life and created cyclic systems to replace wasteful linear systems that exist in those areas today. Additionally, all prototypes are produced by casting and have practical uses. The casted materials used are porcelain, aluminium, bronze and concrete.

Through this project, we hope that people can see the possibilities of cyclic systems, and call for people to live a lifestyle that is more sustainable and less wasteful of resources and energy. This is our way of aiming towards a brighter future.