Cyclic Food Chain Project 2018

Earth Overshoot Day 2018 for Sweden passed on 28 March – that is, the date when we in this country have exhausted nature’s budget for the year. This year will also probably be the hottest year since weather statistics began. In other words, we are facing huge challenges in terms of global climate changes.

Food production and distribution have become a global issue. With the globalisation of trade and the use of fossil fuel-based transport systems, there are no geographical limitations to the food market. Much of our food is produced in large production facilities and transported longer and longer distances.

Can we live without any of the systems and products that we have become used to and rather take for granted? How can we live sustainably based on the local cyclical resource flow?

With this as a starting point, master’s students at the School of Industrial Design at Lund University have produced design concepts linked to food within a local context.