The effects of climate change became even more clear in 2016: global surface temperature records were shattered and the least amount of arctic sea ice was recorded. Humans have become the dominant force that are shaping the planet. As the population grows closer to eight billion by 2025, consumption without consideration of planetary resources demands a behavioral change by society. We need to consume less and conserve more.

Recent global agreements pledge to start the shift towards renewable energy and resources. As the world comes together to solve the tough sustainability issues of today, we can begin to ensure a future for the generations of tomorrow.

The Now/Then project examines where modern day products originate and how they affect our environmental footprint. These 24 products are explorations to show people where products come from and what a sustainable alternative might look like. What are the changes we can make today to make sure there will always be a tomorrow? This is a stepping off point for thinking: Every decision we make impacts the world around us.