Warmth of the past, design for the future

Heating system

My project re-examines heat source design. Drawing from history to tackle modern challenges, it serves as both a tribute to the past and a response to present needs. 

Inspired by the heritage of the tiled stove and the efficiency of infrared panels, this product combines the two to introduce a new approach to heating design. By prioritising localised warmth and heating people rather than spaces, it reimagines heat sources as the heart of the home. 

The object is designed to be a statement piece in any space because its design and functionality make it more than just a heating source; it becomes a focal point and a conversation starter, much like a tiled stove. 

The finalised product ended up in two heat sources: a larger one that can be situated as a freestanding unit and a smaller one that is designed for portability and can be placed on a tabletop. 

Project info
Ludvig Karlsson