The Meteorologists

The meteorologists, a home weather system

We are all affected by the weather. Not only are we affected by the forces of the weather, but also through its historical importance and social impact. Therefore, it should be easy to understand.

The result of this project is a visual, exiting, and decorative weather system that makes weather more accessible and easier to understand. It measures and displays wind, humidity, precipitation, air pressure, and temperature.

In comparison to existing weather system consisting of a digital display and a weather station, we have designed a system with visually analog displays and weather stations in the form of stylized meteorologists.

This system will be a playful addition to the market that will provide a more accessible and intuitive solution for taking part of the local weather; creating an opportunity to learn more about the weather and the climate, now and for generations to come.

Project info
Lukas Albrektsson
Elliot H Skafte