The Shopping Bag

New way of carry

The shopping bag makes it easy to pack your groceries directly in-store and provides you with three environmentally friendly options of transportation.

The way we grocery shop is about to change. In the future, many stores will be unstaffed and fully managed by AI:s. This allows customers to skip the cashier and instead enter, pack their bags, and leave. Payment and scanning of groceries will be done automatically. At the same time, urbanisation and city development reduce the need for the younger generation to own a car. 

The shopping bag meets the needs of these people; it allows you to easily pack your bag in-store and adapt it to the bike, scooter or walking. The materials which the bag is composed of are difficult to recycle, however, have very sustainable properties. The design is built on circularity and by reusing materials for another purpose, we save material and energy. The bag is designed to be easily repaired to ensure a long lifespan.

Project info
Liv Johansen