Dynamic lighting, mirroring daylight’s changes.

Brighten your home during dark winter days with Nikkō. Inspired by the sun, its dynamic lighting transforms spaces, mirroring daylight’s changes.

As winter approaches, many people become less motivated and tired due to shorter daylight hours. This change affects not only the external environment, but also the mood and atmosphere in the home and workplace. 

Nikkō is not just a lamp, but a tribute to the sun. It transforms living spaces into cozy environments, especially during the dark winter months. The Nikkō lamp consists of two glass cylinders, one of which rotates to direct the light around the room. The rotating cylinder adjusts to the time of day, while the light intensity and color temperature transition gradually throughout the hours. The light is constantly changing, helping to brighten the room’s atmosphere. 

Nikkō is ideal for people who spend a lot of time at home, or who doesn’t get enough natural light in the winter.

Project info
Lisa Wagner