GUNNAR an alterable dining chair

Gunnar is a dining chair made with the purpose to be altered. With a wooden frame and a fabric that is wrapped around you can easily change the appearance. 

This thesis started with an idea to design a furniture piece that can change with us. I saw a tendency were people prioritize and follow trends instead of analyzing what they need. 

A dining chair is a furniture piece the majority of people have in their home and which is often used and therefore easily worn out. Instead of constantly buying new, I wanted to design a chair which you can alter to what your needs require. 

The chair is made out of a wooden frame where you wrap a fabric around it to be able to sit in it. The fabric is fastened behind the backrest and under the seat with a belt function. 

The fabric comes in two different options, a white one and a patterned one, which I have designed myself. The idea is to have more options for the fabric in the future. 

With the Gunnar chair you can have many chairs in one. 

Project info
Magdalena Soller