The Canvas Shoe

A playful shoe system

A playful shoe design system that enables users to change the appearance of their shoes by adding a personalized canvas on top of a sturdy, comfortable base shoe. 

This project focused on the appearance of shoes. Research showed that people often discard their shoes before they break. The reasons include wear, fading colors, and the desire for a new style. Every year, 23 billion shoes are produced globally. This number highlights the huge demand for contemporary designs that help us display our personal taste. But is mass production really the answer 

to enhancing individualism?

This project explored alternative ways of expressing one’s personality through shoe design. The result is a system that enhances the creativity of the user by inviting them to participate in the creative process of designing shoes. A rubber rim around the sole of The Canvas Shoe enables users to create and attach personalized uppers to the base shoe, using provided templates. 

Project info
Sebastian Elhøj Nielsen