Absolut Fragrance

The new way of fragrance

“The goal is to pique customers’ curiosity, spark a conversation and increase brand recognition. In other words: It’s a marketing ploy disguised as a product for sale”.

Absolut Vodka has long been an icon with its characteristic design and strong brand identity. It has established itself as a role model for innovative marketing and collaborations. Within this context, the idea to create a perfume bottle based on Absolut Vodka was born. This project seeks to bridge the gap between the two industries by introducing a product that brings together both sectors.

Inspired by Absolut’s history with artists and its environmentally friendly initiatives, the decision was made to reuse Absolut’s iconic bottles to create a unique and durable perfume container. By transforming these bottles for a new purpose, the project not only offers a creative challenge but also an opportunity to promote sustainability in design and consumption.

Project info
Siri Hardin