Toys in the making

New series of toys for infants

In this project I have developed a series of toys for infants by prototyping and testing in a iterative process in collaboration with Brio.

My oldest brother had a baby and I went on a mission to design a series of toys that could be usefull and fun for her and other infants during the first years of their lifes. In order to develop the best results, I made sure to involve Brio in my project with their 100+ years of experience in this field. Beyond the primary goal of ensuring the toys were simply fun, I found myself tackling additional obstacles. From capturing the parents interest within a retail setting, ensuring safety standards were met across all components, optimizing manufacturing techniques and adapting the designs to global shipping and retail size standards. Navigating these complexities while maintaining the essence of fun in the toys was the hardest part and each factor played a role in shaping the final result.

Project info
Peder Nilsson