User-friendly carpenter’s bench

The SÅLLA workbench efficiently collects shavings and other waste produced during workpiece processing in workshops, helping to maintain a tidy workspace.

The project began to improve the working environment in carpentry workshops, which often become messy due to shavings and residual waste produced during material processing. Light particles frequently disperse, complicating the user’s task and necessitating constant cleaning. The final product is the user-friendly SÅLLA carpenter’s bench. Shavings and other waste fall through the work surface into a durable fabric bag that can be easily sealed and transported to the nearest recycling center. Additionally, removable standing planks provide stable positions for workpieces, which can be flexibly secured with screw clamps. The carpenter’s bench enhances the joy of carpentry by ensuring that the workplace remains tidy. Primarily designed for do-it-yourselfers undertaking different types of carpentry projects at home. 

Project info
Linn Broberg