Transformative Sofa-bed

This BA project investigates how compact living can influence the design of a piece of seating furniture, while also focusing on circular design and multifunctionality in sofas and sofa-beds.

Tupplur is a transformative sofa-bed with a heavy focus on material sustainability and designing for small living spaces. 

A way to find harmony within a compact living space involves establishing different zones within the space; a sleeping area, a dining area and a living area with somewhere to relax and work. Establishing these zones has been shown to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Tupplur is designed to provide a place for relaxing and socialising.

The demand for sustainable materials have grown significantly the past decade and only continue to grow. Several new materials have replaced the older, some old have also found new purposes. In this project hemp fibers, mostly used for rope and, recently, building insulation, are explored as filling material in the sofa cushions. 

Project info
Linnéa Norlander