The Synergy System

The portable speaker and luminaire for office spaces

The portable speaker and luminaire offers a versatile solution to enhance sound levels and visual ergonomics in shared office spaces. 

This project’s aim was to design a cohesive system combining these functionalities in a portable and user-friendly manner, addressing the need for customizable work areas after the pandemic. As remote work led to smaller shared offices, employees lost personalized workspaces, creating a hostile environment with no sense of belonging. Looking at the ergonomic aspects at different offices in Swedish, both inadequate lighting and sound levels     were revealed. 

The Synergy System addresses these issues by allowing employees to bring portable luminaires and speakers to their chosen desk of the day. The luminaire provides adjustable warm light to fit Scandinavian preferences. The speaker is equipped with sound masking and Bluetooth, creating privacy and eliminating distracting sounds. Both products are battery driven and attach easily with magnets to the charging station and rails  above the desks.

Project info
Lina Oleniusson