S / R Chair

A Reflection on the Value of Objects and Mass Production

The Slow / Rapid Chair merges the precise lines and proportions of sculpted ash profiles, with the assembly of nothing but rough, interchangeable, and generic materials. It invites us to observe the fast pace of modern mass production.

In an age dominated by fast-moving objects, from fashion to furniture, the way we value and care for our possessions has undergone a radical shift. The rise of capitalism and globalization has paved the way for objects that are easily purchased and just as easily discarded. The S / R Chair encourages us to consider the impact of this shift and reflect on our relationship with the objects we surround ourselves with.

But even as we pause to contemplate this change, we cannot deny the allure of democracy that the rapid pace of modern manufacturing has given us. The S / R Chair encourages us to seek a balance between the past and the present and find new ways to value and appreciate the objects that we make part of our lives.

Project info
Edvin Nielsen Johansson