When two architectural styles collide

Vertex is a floor lamp that exudes a sophisticated and sculptural feeling. Its design is inspired by two different architectural styles: Brutalism and Jugendstil. The concrete used as the main material is one of the most characteristic elements of Brutalism, and in Vertex, it becomes a powerful expression of rawness and integrity. The concrete also serves as a visual contrast to the more elegant and decorative elements found in Jugendstil.

The copper detail at the top of the lamp provides an interesting contrast to the raw concrete, reflecting Jugendstil’s use of metal as a decorative element. The copper detail also serves as a functional part of the lamp, casting a Jugendstil pattern of light on the wall and creating a unique and soft atmosphere in the room.

The combination of different materials and styles in the lamp creates an interesting and conversation-starting design, showcasing how two extremes in architecture can be merged to create something distinct.

Project info
Astrid Gutzeit Nyström