RoboVac – Ascender

go or come up a (slope or staircase); ascend

Robot vacuum cleaners have found their place on today’s market and it is an ordinary staple in many households. It lets you take care of other, more important things. Or simply just leaving more time for people to enjoy their lives. But what is yet a limitation for today’s robot vacuums is their ability to reach the upper floors of many homes.

For my bachelor thesis, I wanted todevelop a new kind of robot vacu-um cleaner. And to explore the pos-sibilities of a robot vacuum cleaner’s ability to climb stairs. Not the reason that there is a high need for it for us to function as human beings. But to make the already established robot vacuums go even further. And nothing less to make time for other moments of people’s lives.

At the end of my journey – to discover a new technical solution. Everything came together in a visualized 3D model containing a tech pack displaying all necessary components within the robot vacuum cleaner.I also made a full-scale and semi-working prototype to back up my findings and confirm the functionality of the new mechanism.

Project info
Melinda Andersson