The circular ski helmet

A regular ski helmet should be discarded and replaced either after a heavy impact or after 4 to 5 years of use. Even though the facts are easy to understand, 58% of the skiers are unsure about the timepoints to change their ski helmet. 47% have a helmet that is older than 4 years and 26% have crashed with their current helmet. The statistics are clear, and more than half of the ski helmets in use today are faulty. 

The reason behind a faulty helmet can differ from case to case and can’t be solved with one single solution. Therefor, I have integrated multiple solution in Aura. Through thorough research and concept development, Aura is designed to be fully modular with detachable parts to create a more viable lifecycle. UV receptors and Expiration date are implemented in the back of the helmet to know when the helmet is faulty.

The Pressure Sensitive Grid is situated underneath the outer shell, and helps to detect if the helmet has gone through a heavy impact. The material of the grid is a polymer that changes color when being plastically deformed. When impacted the material color changes from yellow to red. This creates a distinct visual feedback that the helmet needs to be changed. 

Aura helmet is equipped with an intuitive BOA system to easily fit it to the head, as well as interchangeable padding and ear pads.

Project info
Hugo Martinsson