Urban shared micro-mobility

What if micro-mobility can be shared in a more convenient and sustainable way? The sharing economy has become a part of people’s lives in the last decade, especially in transportation. However, shared bicycles and e-scooters have had a negative impact on the environment. When major companies began to put a large number of e-scooters into cities, it was accompanied by a large number of abandoned vehicles and safety concerns for pedestrians. Can we challenge our ideas of vehicle ownership within the shared economy with a sustainable service?

FLEX is a shared battery-powered electric scooter that allows users to simply swap the e-scooter battery at a swap station and then continue their journey. Users no longer have to worry about forgetting to charge the vehicle before heading out. Letting the battery circulate through the system can ensure that the battery is in excellent working condition.

FLEX is based on a semi-shared platform, users have their own e-scooter, and only the battery is shared. The advantage of this design is that users can have their own vehicles and enjoy the service of sharing batteries. The vehicle design is specifically aimed at urban commuters. The highlight of the design is that the e-scooter can be quickly folded so that users can carry the e-scooter on the subway or train without taking up space.

Project info
Chun Chuan Chuang