MFS - Multifunctional space for future submarine

A collaborative journey with Saab Kockums AB to design a multifunctional space for a future submarine, optimizing limited space with innovative solutions.

The methodology of this bachelor thesis involves classic design stages, including research, ideation, conceptualization, validation, finalization, and evaluation. The project included a field trip and multiple discussions and feedback sessions with my supervisor at Saab Kockums.

The project aims to create a multifunctional space serving as an office, a NATO-compliant Role-1 healthcare unit, and for meetings and recreation. The design emphasizes efficient space utilization with foldable mechanisms, enabling seamless and soundproof transitions between functions. Also, a CMF was conducted with an emphasis on fireproofing and non-toxicity, all in accordance with submarine environment requirements.

The final design is presented through sketches, renderings, and a scale model, showcasing innovative solutions.

Project info
Ebba Lönn