The Pergola

In the context of the suburbs of Scandinavia, Fristad is a cost effective, human scaled pergola. Designed to be multifunctional over temporality, activities, and weather conditions.

Apart from a functionality deeply rooted in post-modern views of urban planning, the artefact inherits a major approach from co-design and placemaking. Due to the idea of the decision maker having more limitation in understanding of a site, its history, culture and identity, the design decisions should be democratized to the public. Thus, the solution aims to be as open as possible. 

Multifunctionality is achieved on three levels. On a lower level, the rod, attachments points, and accessories allow for continuous reconfiguration. Secondly, the overall structure is designed for scalability, rearrangement, and adaptation for various events. Lastly, the nature of the product and its materials, being multifaceted, it should be able to be given new life with only paint, and fresh ideas. Thus, it can forever be repurposed to a new use-case. Being, a grass field, a temporary summer street, or an urban yard. Additionally, its minimalist aesthetic aligns with collaborator Nola’s portfolio, enhancing its versatility.

Project info
Edvin Nielsen Johansson