Modulable public installation

An exploraion of passive cooling through a modulable public installation to hide from the heat in warm climate. Inspied by Cambodia, this project is an ode to my origins. 

With global warming, urban temperatures are projected to rise by 2.5°C by 2100, with the poorest countries being the most severely impacted by heat waves. 

Sromol is a cooling installation for public urban spaces. Using passive cooling techniques, this modulable design allows the user to hide from the harsh heat by providing shade andcooling. Shade is provided by a rattan screen, while fresh air is facilitated through terracotta bricks, which offer evaporative cooling and ventilation.

As the last project of my studies, this exploration of passive cooling and vernacular design is inspired by Cambodian culture and craftmanship and a tribute to my Khmer origins. 

Project info
Clara Bertière