Adaptable tool for hand washing dishes

Our hands are valuable tools that we often take for granted. We use them for menial tasks that most of us complete without a second thought. However, if your wrists are worn out for any reason, simple tasks can seem impossible to complete. Initial market research showed a lack of variety in ergonomic tools for washing dishes. Out of the few that existed, most of them were targeted towards people with rheumatism. Consequently, they were mainly focused on usability and had little consideration for appearance. Furthermore, a majority of the tools – which have a relatively short lifespan for hygienic purposes – were made solely out of plastic. Therefore, designing one or more tools for hand washing dishes that causes less strain on the users’ wrists – ideally with a clean appearance and more sustainable materials – became the objective. Further research showed that some adaptability in the tool was necessary, since wrist problems can vary greatly from person to person. Additionally, various types of dishes require different brush heads in order to reach the areas that need to be cleaned.

The result is Marina, an adaptable tool for hand washing dishes. The handle with two attachment points, different attachable brush heads and silicone sleeves in various sizes allows the users to customize Marina to fit their personal preferences and needs. The level of customizability makes the replacement of worn components quick and easy.

Project info
Alexandra Carlinger