Circular prepping system for cans

The primary objective of the project is to motivate individuals to take responsibility for adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). This design project suggests a solution for making it easier for students/people that live in small spaces to in an organized and democratic way unconsciously prep for a future crisis. The solutions come in the form of two different stackable storage units. The first one, the can storage, can store 35 cans. Just as much food so you can become independent if the food supply chains suddenly stop. The other storage unit, the “other things storage” contains a combined peg board and shelving system that makes it able for customization. Together they make a neat storage solution to suit people with inconsistent food consumption habits and lack storage. The solution is made in collaboration with the Swedish food brand Eldorado, and the foods that are stored are canned tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, red beans, and white beans in tomato sauce. The furniture is made in collaboration with the company due to their low price and high quality of basic foods. The storage only costs 350 kr to fill up, which lastly makes the prepping furniture even more democratic.

Keywords: Crisis preparedness, organization, multifunctional, communicating, re-arrangeable, prepping, circular, cans.

Project info
Sara Eggimann