A cordless luminaire that can function as both decorative lighting and task lighting

The transition from paper work to computer work has significantly altered our lighting requirements, necessitating a corresponding evolution in desk lamps. With the rise of remote working culture and the prevalence of video conferencing, the lighting needs have expanded. Inadequate lighting in video conferencing can lead to misinterpretation of body language and reduced engagement. Furthermore, not everyone has access to an ideal remote work environment with proper desk setups and adequate lighting, making traditional desk lamps unnecessary during non-working hours. Working in poor lighting conditions can have profound implications for both physical health and overall well-being.

Introducing Tweetlight, a cordless luminaire that seamlessly transitions between decorative and task lighting. Its adjustable arm, along with dimming and temperature adjustment capabilities, ensures versatility. The ring-shaped lighting source and diffuser enhance self-illumination for video conferencing purposes as well.Tweetlight represents an innovative solution to address the evolving lighting needs in modern work environments. It caters to the diverse demands of remote work culture, facilitating improved productivity, well-being, and effective communication through optimal lighting conditions.

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Gabija Zinciukaite