Luggage handeling robot

This thesis explores the challenges and potential solutions in airport luggage handling, with a focus on the dated bulk loading practices within narrow-bodied aircrafts

In collaboration with Toyota Material Handling Europe, was initiated based on observations at Helsinki Airport. The research involved working with industry professionals and conducting extensive field studies across four Swedish airports of varying sizes. The pro-ject highlights the ergonomic challenges faced by luggage handlers inside small aircraft cargo rooms and proposes innovative solutions integrating IoT, autonomous robotics, and AI to im-prove efficiency and worker safety. The findings aim to inspire advancements in the aviation industry’s luggage handling processes through a design concept proposal that enhances both operational efficiency and worker welfare.

The final concept, called the Rapu, is an autonomous vehicle that operates within the air-plane’s cargo hold, stacking luggage delivered by a conveyor belt.

Project info
Edwin Svensson