Glass from wheels

Every day, numerous forklift wheels are discarded due to their rubber layer wearing out quickly. However, even after being thrown away, these wheels retain a valuable trait: toughness.

This attribute is crucial in the glassmaking industry for mold making and served as inspiration for the final result: a set of glass bowls that blend the fusion of functional machinery and traditional craftsmanship. To use the wheel taken from scrap as a mold, it was necessary to remove the remaining rubber parts. This process was necessary because the mold needs to be heated before use in glass blowing, and the rubber would melt, creating an inconvenient working environment. The second step involved applying a special wax to the bottom corners of the wheel to prevent the glass from sticking during extraction.

Målerås Glasbruk, a well-known company in Scandinavia for its glasswork, collaborated to bring this project to life.


Project info
Ondrej Ferianec
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