Working man's furniture

Working man’s desk

This product is an adjustable and movable desk. The inspiration comes from the workspace in TOYOTA factory and an upside-down truck hood on a worker’s chair.

The aesthetics of the hood are not only on its front side. This prototype consists of several parts of a TOYOTA forklift truck. Each part is exposed in its rawest form. With the desk’s built-in power supply, users are no longer bothered by trailing cables. And the hood portion can be used as a place to put references while working.

Working man’s hanger

Working man’s hanger is a floor hanger with an umbrella bucket. The components of this prototype are from scraps of forklifts supplied by TOYOTA. All design details of this prototype come from the affordance of the parts themselves, and all the elements are pure functional. The base is a rotatable bulky wheel, and the top is a stable stand which originally be used as a base, through observing and rethinking on these fragments, we gave them a new life via the lens of design.

This product has been developed in collaboration with Sean Lin.

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