A duo of lamps madre from heatsinks parts

When considering waste, we often overlook the hidden treasures it holds. Similarly, when contemplating industrial parts, we may underestimate the beauty and attractiveness of certain components.

This project showcases the transformation of two pieces from the same discarded mechanism of Toyota Forklifts into two lamps with distinct characters. Both products are designed to highlight the waste piece, minimizing processing while incorporating only the essential elements needed to enhance value and interest.


This product is a contemplative lamp that explores the interplay between the heatsink, the light it captures, and the sound it emits when interacted with. The reverberation of sound and light (and maybe one’s own thoughts) within the heatsink’s blades induces a meditative state.

CIY Lamp

CIY (Curate It Yourself) is a lamp that repurposes the heatsink’s support as a lamp base. Its particular geometry invites user participation in the curating process, allowing the use of any thin sheet as a lampshade.


Project info
Victoria Sevilla
Presskit (35.25 MB)