No Boring Box Speaker

Today there is an infinitely large number of speakers, ranging from small portable to large concert speakers. The advantages of today’s wide range are that there is almost one speaker for every occasion, need or budget. 

The idea behind Nobb took form through shape, material and context of a beautiful object that sits on your bay window, on your coffee table or in your bookshelf. The speaker is a collection of simple pieces of geometry that are shaped by the audio. It emphasizes the audio capabilities and qualities of the product but also reflects other objects in your home. It is a collection, or a collage of materials found in your home that brings the speaker closer to being a beautiful object. 

The world is constantly changing so I want to ensure that the final product is beneficial and better than what already exists. Hopefully, it will be delightfully used by people on everyday basis.

Nobb Speakers is for people who use their speaker on everyday basis and want a trouble-free speaker that emphasizes both the audio capabilities and qualities but also reflects their interior. 

Project info
Pontus Endre