Familj - inclusive tableware.

Families with children with disabilities are struggling to find suitable eating aids. The project explores inclusive design to offer cross-generational support.

Currently, families use substitutes in the form of mainstream products that do not work optimally, or aids that contribute to a feeling of stigmatization. They are looking for products that can support the children in their eating, while allowing them to feel included. 

The project showcases how a functional basic shape can offer a variety of grip support, as well as visceral expressions to offer a variety of styles to fit into different home interiors. The products have built-in functions to support for example motor skill challenges, food selectivity, and sight impairment. 

As an alternative to the often stigmatizing plastic eating aids found on the Swedish market, traditional mealtime materials are offered to create a feeling of normality and inclusion, yearned for by both children and adults. 

Project info
Paulina Andersson