Flight Mode

The new airport furniture

Flight Mode is a piece of furniture designed for public spaces in airports. Its purpose is to provide travelers with a place to rest during their journeys.

Currently, there are few to no free, publicly accessible places for travelers to sleep at airports. During extended travel, characterized by jet lag, sleep deprivation, and stress, a period of rest and relaxation is crucial for the rest of the trip. Symptoms of sleep deprivation can include increased tiredness, fatigue, headaches, low mood, difficulty concentrating, or loss of appetite. To help alleviate these symptoms, “Flight Mode” provides the traveler with a comfortable reclining surface, a compartment to safely store carry-on luggage, and a shield from the hectic environment. In this way, a few hours of sleep can be provided to the user, helping them to enjoy the trip.

Project info
Sabrina Zetzsche