Full-Empty Flow

New Series of liquid containers

A series of liquid containers inspired by the full and empty principle from the theory of Yin and Yang.

Full-Empty Flow is my second attempt of yin-yang products, resulting in two sets of porcelain containers. The Evaluation Set, referring to siphon, shows the transition from full to empty through the overflow caused by the desire of filling-up. The Deliberation Set helps to gain a smoother flow by allowing an emptiness from the little hole to present the transition from empty to full.

The interchange between fullness and emptiness suggests that it won’t be stuck in any extreme and can always be refilled even if fully empty, which exactly shows how yin-yang works to my life. While it is expected to precisely convey yin-yang culture, the project allows for various personal interpretations—you can simply see them as fun cups.

Project info
Noomi Yuhan Huang