A multifunctional workspace

In today’s design enviroment we are constantly in a movement. Whether it is making models or trace sketches, we need to go to specific stations intended for the task. Designers’ needs are not reached and in the end they might end up buying their own “Add-ons” instead of using the stations. Which is an extra cost that could have been reduced if everything they needed was already installed at their specific workspace.

This project got inspired by watching classmates and hearing other people who works in a creative profession. How they wish that their workspace was “more adapted to their profession, simple and high functioning”. With this in mind my product has been developed by the principle of usability, to help designers in their everyday life in various areas. Making prototypes and regular evaluations helped me understand how we as designers work around our workspace and how I can ease our design process.

The result is called MULLET – a multifunctional desk that can be used in various ways, it can be a light table, cutting table and has a big storage so that at the end of the day you can put all your work away. It is customable depending on which design profession you work with. The modularity also invites the user to recycle and switch out the different parts when they are no longer functional. Which prolong the life cycle of the furniture.

Project info
Malin Johansson