San Glass

San Glass is a set of glassware to help visually impaired people pour beer into a glass without foaming over and thus get a better drink experience.

The Field Warden

A way to increse the crop yield with up to 25% and at the same time get a lot more free hours to do other tasks as a farmer.


Crowding and sharing are key words if we imagine our future societies. But what happens if hygiene comes first?


A portable luminaire for an inside/outside use in which a detachable battery serves as a counterweight

Vision Goggle

Vision Goggle is a conceptual smart eyewear that can remind us to use our eyes reasonably by detecting real-time eye condition. It can help prevent eye discomfort through early means, especially for dry eyes and eyestrain caused by prolonged screen time.


Work and life balance becomes increasingly important when working from home is becoming a normality for many. Modes helps the user get into “working mode” and shift to “free time mode” by visually putting away work at the end of the day.


Our food is produced further and further away from us. Consequently, we have lost our connection and respect for it, resulting in unnecessary food waste. Investigating alternative methods of growing vegetables created the ambition to encourage the end consumer to self-sufficient crop production at home. Initial trend research led to the rising interest for urban…

The Blue Project

A water kettle addressing our need for feedback and information to create sustainable behavior change.

Hélice 2

Post-colonialism, neo-liberal market capitalism and union prohibitions are more of a rule than an exception and the underprivileged are being exploited. Putting control over equipment back into the hands of its wielders has become a huge part of the implementation program.


The aim of the project was to visualize the contemporary problems related to a linear economy, the Western world´s overconsumption and plastic waste. This was motivated by my interest in circular economy and sustainability, politics...


A way of introducing the technology of analogue modular synthesis from interested beginners to advanced/semi-professional users