Living Form

Mobile Storage Piece for Active Domestic Living

The concept for moving and context-flexible furniture co-exists with increasingly open floor plan of modern living spaces and desire for versatility in furniture arrangements. Realizing the impact of humanitarian crisis moving further into the 21st century, and the degradation of functions and resources urban space can provide for individuals, What this project proposes is a mobile domestic interior activated by capability to physically store and produce, and to encourage more flexible use of domestic spaces without overly relying on the outside world and the globalization logistics.

The designed piece showcases one aspect of that vision: re-shaping shelving spaces into a moving island afloat in the room, and re-activating possibility to hang and suspend. The piece is a daily-life Christmas tree.
The design visually aspires the purity of industrial structures, manifested through both form language, structure, details, fabrication processes and finishing.

Project info
Zhijian Xiong