Berry cleaning tray

Before humans cultivated crops as farmers, we were hunter-gatherers. We forged anything that was edible from local sources. Now, several thousand years later, picking berries is still a big part of Swedish culture, albeit on a much smaller scale for fun and recreation rather than survival. The cleaning tray is a very simple home-made device. The idea being that after berries have been picked in the woods the tray is placed in the users lap and filled with berries. The tray is then gently rocked side to side to move the berries forward and out the spout, leaving the forest scatter behind. Zen is made as a celebration to Swedish outdoor life. The ritual, though manual, is not only effective but also a time to reflect and relax. When not in use the tool can be appreciated as home d├ęcor using the loop to hang it neatly on the wall.

Project info
Anton Arnqvist
Presskit (17.66 MB)