Keeping objects close in microgravity environment

WEAVE is an IVA (intravehicular activity) garment, in shape reminiscent of a utility belt, that allows astronauts to keep objects on them in a microgravity environment without a need for special base clothing, while also keeping a form that stays close to the body and doesn’t create unnecessary bunk.

The project addresses an issue that astronauts often run into in space, which is how to keep smaller individual objects close to them, without them drifting away or without having to velcro them to random surfaces. Additionally, one of the main goals was to avoid bulkiness and keep the design as flat and lightweight as possible, to preserve the full range of motion and increase comfort. To achieve that WEAVE does not have any pockets and instead implements a weave-like pattern, through the full surface, in which the user can slot individual objects in any desired configuration.

Project info
Jagoda Ziajka
Presskit (5.60 MB)