Enhancing Fine Motor Skills in Space Exploration Through Innovative Gameplay

SAZ-23 is a game controller that was developed to train the fine motor skills of astronauts in zero
gravity. The A, B, X, and Y buttons are not distributed over one button each, as is the case with
conventional controllers, but are located on a grid. To execute, for example, command A, 3 buttons
must be pressed simultaneously. The principle is similar to that of a guitar, where you have to use
several fingers to play a chord.
This product is intended to help astronauts to train their diminishing fine motor skills in a playful way
during the Zero-G flight to Mars. Unlike on Earth, there is no rehabilitation center on Mars.
Nevertheless, the astronauts have to perform vital maneuvers such as setting up and checking the
habitats immediately after landing. Fine motor skills are crucial for operating the controls.

Project info
Sabrina Zetzsche
Presskit (6.41 MB)