Packing solution for small-scale local firewood producers

Over 3000 coffee sacks get thrown away every day by one of the leading coffee makers in Sweden; this, combined with the firewood shortage, inspired me for this project. VED is a packing solution for small-scale local firewood producers that facilitates the startup process, making firewood production more accessible and feasible.

The kit includes a packing channel and firewood bags made from upcycled coffee sacks. One coffee sack creates two firewood bags. The seams on the sack make the handles for the bags, which tie off the bag when in storage or during transport. The packing channel features a modular panel system that screws on and off to change the short and long sides depending on the size of firewood you want to sell.

The VED packing solution makes it easier to get started in firewood production while doing so in a more sustainable way. Lastly, as the weave is dense, it’s possible to print your company’s design on them, offering you a unique product that gives you an advantage on the market.

Project info
Johan Elmdahl
Presskit (8.74 MB)