A symbiosis between glass and toyota trash

When considering Toyota Material Handling, one typically envisions forklifts and heavy machinery, conjuring images of weight and toughness. This project, conducted as an experiment, aims to juxtapose toughness and fragility by integrating heavy machinery with delicate craftsmanship. By combining glass with engine parts, it demonstrates how discarded waste can be transformed into elegant home decor.

The project encompassed the creation of three distinct pieces, each utilizing parts from the same engine as a unifying element, yet carrying its own unique narrative. Since the glass was either laid on or blown into these parts, the bond between the two aforementioned worlds is permanent, as the glass perfectly replicates the shapes. The resulting collection comprises pieces that only fit with specific parts of Toyota engines, not with any other objects in the world.

This collaboration was undertaken with the Swedish glass studio Steninge Glashytta.


Project info
Ondrej Ferianec
Presskit (48.96 MB)