From wheel to light

The wheel is among the most frequently discarded items from Toyota Material Handling. While the outer rubber of the wheel wears out, the core steel part remains undamaged. This project presents our approach of not only salvaging the materials involved but also recognizing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the part, giving it a second chance at life.

We utilize the sturdy cylindrical bearings as a stand for a luminary. By highlighting the unique surface structure retained from the metal casting process, each stand becomes a distinctive piece, telling a story of its industrial origins. Both the bearing as well as the foot of the lamp were turned on a lathe, adding a layer of refinement to the project. The design of the lamp allows it to seamlessly accommodate any E27 light bulb, catering to a variety of lighting preferences and environments.

Contact: ondrejferianec@gmail.com and nicolas.nestler@gmx.de

Project info
Ondrej Ferianec
Nicolas Nestler
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