This little light of mine

Sustainable transition approached with compassion and attentiveness

“If nothing we do matter, then all that matters is what we do.” 

What is my impact, as an individual, a citizen and a designer? How can I make a difference?

How can we as a culture handle the fact that even seemingly innocent actions as lighting a candle has a negative environmental impact?  

What if a sustainable transition was approached with compassion and attentiveness instead of frustration and distrust? What if we shifted focus from the individual to the collective? 

By recognizing how our behaviors are shaped by norms, values and biases as well as societal structures, maybe we can better shape the preconditions for a sustainable future? 

This little light of mine is me taking a stance, that sustainability is about empathy and solidarity and must imbue all that we do, whilst still acknowledging the need to adhere to certain cultural contexts and norms. With hopes of igniting sparks within others on the way. 

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AlexandrA Fransson