OAS - The vase collection

This BA project explores how traditional vase design can be reinvented to encourage creativity and sustainability in flower arranging. By using 3D-printed ceramics, the collection focuses on innovative structural design that reduce the need for excessive flowers and material. This project aims to merge aestethic appeal with sustainability, offering a modern solution to the limitations of convetional vases.

“Oas” is a series of vases designed to break free from the traditional limits of flower arranging. Conventional vase designs often hinders creativity, requiering consumers to buy external support structures or a large amount flowers for an aestetic arrangement, leading to higher costs and waste. 

To adress these issues, I created vases with a built in structure using 3D-printed ceramics. This method allows for uniqe shapes and supports sustainable production. My goal was to design versatile sustainable vases that enhances the natural beauty of flowers. 

Project info
Alexandra Lövgren